What You Need To Know About Life Insurance

October 5, 2017By Bo WilkinsBlog

BusinessEXECUTIVE Roundtable’s inaugural episode from the new studio. Bo Wilkins of Wilkins Insurance Group joined us to talk about life insurance. He explained some differences between Term Life Insurance and other forms of Permanent Life Insurance. He answers such questions as, “Who needs it?” “When should you consider life insurance?” “What are tax benefits related … Read More

Why Wait? The Financial and Emotional Rewards of Philanthropic Giving

October 5, 2017By Bo WilkinsBlog

By Jennifer Pendergast of The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc. and guest contributor Bo Wilkins of Wilkins Insurance Group Enterprise-owning families work for generations to build their wealth but most do not invest the time to plan for transferring it effectively. Preparing for transfer of assets can be a very daunting — and emotionally challenging … Read More

Transitioning a Family Held Business to the Next Generation

August 5, 2015By Bo WilkinsBlog

One of our key areas of focus [at Wilkins Insurance Group] is working with privately held family businesses in the area of succession/transition planning. Seeing that family businesses make up 50% of our gross domestic product, it is vital that these companies successfully transition to the next generation. Therein lies the problem: the senior generation is … Read More

So You Aren’t Charitable?

May 25, 2015By Bo WilkinsBlog

I think and write a lot about leaving a legacy, making ones mark, and giving back to the community. I know I am not alone on this topic, but it can be a tough one to tackle. The reason is that leaving a legacy is one’s life’s work. It is not done in a day … Read More

What Is The Purpose Of Life Insurance Anyway?

March 19, 2015By Bo WilkinsBlog

When most people think about life insurance, they usually think of it as a temporary protection mechanism for their family. A business owner may utilize it to guard against the loss of a key person or facilitate the buyout of a deceased shareholder’s stock. While both of these are very common, there is a very … Read More